Your advisory partners in the Digital Asset Ecosystem

Your advisory partners in the Digital Asset industry

axis is an advisory firm focused on the Digital Asset industry; offering strategic guidance and support to both startup ventures and established on-chain products.

[DAO Advisory]





One of our main areas of expertise relates to assisting projects progressively decentralise their product offering. axis provides advisory services in relation to both the legal and technical elements that make up a project's level of decentralisation.

[Strategic advisory]

axis offers strategic advisory services to projects aiming to progressively decentralise by laying out a strategic plan catered towards achieving a sufficient level of decentralisation.

Technical Decentralisation
Progressive Decentralisation
Technical Decentralisation
Technical Decentralisation
Legal Decentralisation





[Regulatory advisory]

axis specialises in providing comprehensive regulatory advisory & regulatory risk mitigation services, assisting clients in navigating complex regulatory landscapes to ensure compliance with evolving industry standards.

[Risk management]

axis' proactive approach to regulatory advisory provides clients with a strategic regulatory risk management plan consisting of risk identification, risk assessment, and risk mitigation measures.

Regulatory Risk Assessment
Regulatory Risk Mitigation
Ongoing Regulatory Advisory





[Legal advisory]

axis provides legal services in relation to corporate structuring, intellectual property law, contract drafting & negotiation, software licensing and trust management & administration.

[SaaS structuring]

axis provides advisory services in relation to WEB3 projects intending to operate via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). With a focus on risk management and adaptability, axis is a trusted partner in the complex realm of SaaS project structuring.

Corporate Structuring
Software Licensing
Intellectual Property
Trust Advisory
Contract Drafting





[Product structuring]

axis provides advisory services in relation to  organizing and defining the components, features, and functionality of a product in a systematic and coherent manner. This involves determining how different elements of the product's architecture will work together to meet specific goals or user needs.

[Legal & technical]

axis takes a holistic approach to product structuring by providing advisory services in relation to the structuring of both the technical and legal backend of WEB3 products.

Product Structuring
Governance Structuring
Product Risk Assessment
Legal Structuring